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Displays and Reports


Task Scheduling For Large, Small, Complex or Simple Projects

 Easy to Learn and Use

 XP, Vista, or Windows 7,8,10 




Flexible Gantt Charts
(Select & sort tasks by any criteria, choose calendar and annotations)
Summary at Any WBS Level
Vary Summary Level By WBS Area
Graphical Data Entry

Network Diagrams

Labor and Material Resources
Labor Histogram
Extensive Reports

Critical Path Method (CPM)

Powerful Schedule and Cost Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Flexible Task Interfaces

Task Group Cloning/Templates

Labor and Material Tracking


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New Product Version 2 Release  (11/28/13)

Current version is 2.22 Released 11/10/15

Task notes, task links to Web or other files, baseline tasks and a supplemental task information display dialog have been added.  

 Download a Free Unregistered 25 Task System (No Time Limit)

100 Tasks $25,    500 Tasks $50,  1000 Tasks  $100,

2000 Tasks $150         2000 Tasks with Resource Tracking $200


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Improve Your Processes. 

Bill Conner, developer of the EASE Project Management System, developed and maintains the 

Ben Graham Process Mapping Software,

which supports the charting and improving of business processes using the method developed by Ben Graham Sr. in the 1940s. Supported by the software since 1989, the Graham Method has improved the processes and markedly decreased the cost of operation of thousands of business, government, and other organizations.  The Ben Graham Corporation owns the software and sells it and training, and consulting services.  See http://worksimp.com  for the Ben Graham Method,  http://www.processchart.com/ for the process charting software, and http://www.worksimp.com/wconner.htm for the page on Bill Conner.