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New  - Start a new project.  The screen will clear and the Task Data Entry dialog will appear. If there are unsaved changes in the current project a warning message will appear giving an opportunity to proceed with the opening (OK) or abort the opening to save (Cancel).

Open - Opens a different project.   A file open dialog will appear.  Again, if there are unsaved changes in the current project a warning and opportunity to save them will be provided.

Save - Any changes to the current project will be saved.

SaveAs -  The current project will be saved to a new name.  The standard Windows dialog will appear listing the current path and files with an extension of .pj1.

Print Current Display -  The current Gantt Chart (not including the Graphical Edit Gantt) or Network Diagram will be printed. A Print dialog will appear with a printer selection and a Preference button which will show a printer driver dialog for the currently selected printer.  It will allow changing printer settings such as Landscape/Portrait.  Clicking on the Print button on the Print dialog will bring up the following dialog:


This dialog borrows settings from the current display such as number of lines per page.  It produces a "Current Print Description" which describes how the display will fit on the printed pages.  You can change Lines per page, Pages wide, or the selection of tasks (by WBS) and click on the Reset button to get a new description.  The Reset Printer button displays the current printer driver dialog for changing printer settings.  You must always click on the Reset button to get a new description after making changes.  Click on the Print button to command the print. The Close button closes the dialog without printing.












The Network Diagram Print Specification operates completely on the choices entered for the screen display.  In this case, the screen display shows 8 columns. If it is changed to 11 columns the print will take 2 pages.  The print would also be altered by using the Reset Printer button to change between Landscape and  Portrait.

Preferences - The only choice here is to set the colors for Gantt Chart displays. The Set Gantt Colors button opens the Gantt Color Selections dialog to make those changes.

On that second dialog the Set Colors to Default button sets the colors shown.  The Change buttons each bring up the Color dialog below it.









Exit - Closes the project.  Again an unsaved changes message appears as appropriate.

Previous Projects Opened - At the bottom of the Files dropdown, a list of up to 10 recently open project files is shown.  Clicking on them opens the file.  Again an unsaved changes message appears as appropriate.