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EASE Project Management System License

Effective Automated Systems Engineering (EASE) is a sole proprietorship registered with the state of Ohio (1989 - Present) by William R. Conner, 3193 Kingfisher Place, Beavercreek, OH 45431.  The EASE Project Management System (EASE PMS) is owned solely by EASE and William R. Conner.

Each purchased copy of EASE PMS is licensed for single user only.  Operation in a multiple user environment requires the purchase of multiple licenses equal to the maximum number of users who are allowed to operate the software simultaneously.

The EASE PMS system consists of a set of files (notably including EASE PMS.exe) distributed via an install executable (easeinstall.exe) and a key file (pjreg.dat) which is provided to the customer (aka Licensee) upon purchase of extended capabilities.  Any alteration of pjreg.dat or EASE PMS.exe is prohibited.  The key file will in all cases be encoded with the Licensee provided organizational name, the address of that organization and the license number assigned by EASE. The Licensee is solely responsible for providing that encoded information.  However, EASE may reject information which it recognizes to be fraudulent, obscene, or unreasonably defaming to a person or group.

In order that the EASE PMS system will work with full purchased capability, the key file must be placed in the same MS Windows computer folder (aka directory) where the EASE PMS system (notably EASE PMS.exe) has been installed. The Licensee is responsible for that file placement. The Name/Organization/Address/License # of the Licensee will appear on a Splash Screen along with the system name, version number and copyright notice when the application is launched and when Menu Selection Help|Splash Screen Copyright Notice is selected. Protections against the unauthorized modification of this information are built into the program and such unauthorized modifications will cause the application to cease operation.

Should the Licensee fail to make complete payment for EASE PMS, the License is revoked and that key file (and any copies made) must be erased rendering EASE PMS operable only as a 25 task unregistered intro system.

The license is for the Licensee only and is non-transferable.

Upgrades of the system will be released from time to time.  Those upgrades may be downloaded from easepms.com.  Such upgrades will be provided to licensed users if they are for the same major version (i.e. The first number in the version designation - 2.1, 2.11 etc. are major version 2.).  The Licensee is responsible for ensuring that his or her key file is placed in the same folder as the new upgrade.  A key file will work only with same major version for which it was released.

EASE has tested the PMS software and knows of no potential for system failure, output errors or loss of data. EASE has not employed outside testers who simulate operation by the error prone or inexperienced user. EASE therefore advises the users of EASE PMS to frequently back up data files and review output for reasonableness. EASE would like to be informed of problems encountered by users and will endeaver to update the software to fix any problems even if they occur only with operator error.

The liability of EASE and William R. Conner for any damages resulting from the use of EASE PMS and/or any failure of EASE PMS will be limited to the refund of payment made for EASE PMS (accompanied by cancellation of the License) to EASE by the Licensee. Such a refund will be made if the Licensee establishes that EASE PMS has failed to perform as should reasonably be expected in the view of EASE.

Copyright 2015 William R. Conner