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EASE Project Management System Overview

Powerful but easy to learn and easy to use Project Management Software. Uses Critical Path Method (CPM). Tracks schedule, labor, and materials. Uses Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to clearly define the project.

Flexibility in task definition and interfaces is provided.  Task length may be defined in floating point days (e.g. 1.52 days).  Task interfaces may use partial (floating point) tasks and delays.  Or tasks may be started on a date (optionally plus a part day).  Rubber tasks may be used with length determined by other tasks.  Summary level tasks are automatically computed based on the WBS  (e.g. A might sum A1, A1A, A2, ...).  Progress assigned to detail tasks is summed to summary level tasks as best and worst case lines.

Gantt displays are extremely flexible in content, order, and chosen annotations.  They include Detail, WBS Summary and varying summary level within a chart. Optional Gantt features include start/end dates, task links, critical end, progress, activity selection and sorting. Color coding of summary versus detail activities. Variable display scaling in all ways. Labor use vs availability histogram, color coded by task. Resource data is used to produce Earned Value reports - Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled (BCWS), Budgeted Cost for Work Performed (BCWP), and Actual Cost for Work Performed (ACWP). Network diagrams and other schedule and resource reports - all extensively customizable. Task group cloning both from within a project and from other projects.  Variety of intuitive data entry dialogs are integrated with the on screen displays. Also includes graphical data editing on a Gantt chart. This software is very intuitive and easy to use. Extensive help file includes a 'Getting Started tutorial. This software benefits from the author's 20 years of experience in Air Force project management and his development of a previous project management system, database applications, and the Graham Business Process Improvement system (see worksimp.com).