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Effective Automated Systems Engineering (EASE) is an Ohio company first registered on 11/14/89.

It is registered to William R. Conner, 3193 Kingfisher Place, Beavercreek, Ohio, 45431

Mr. Conner is a graduate Aeronautical Engineer (BS/MS Purdue University). and retired from the US Air Force in 1983 as a Major. He has developed extensive engineering software in addition to business and business graphics applications. Engineering applications have included several warfare simulations and wind tunnel data analysis programs. He has developed cost projection and analysis systems , and a shop floor work flow tracking system. He has designed and supported the development of several database applications supporting the USAF. In 1984, he developed the C-NETT Project Management System an MS DOS application. As with EASE PMS, it was centered around Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) tasks. C-NETT included manhour and material resource tracking. It performed resource leveling, peak workload identification and analysis, and earned value following the DoD Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria (C/SCSC) method. He marketed C-NETT through 1995. In 1989, he developed the EASE Process Analysis System (EASE PAS) with a partner. EASE PAS (another MS DOS application) was a highly graphical general process simulation system based on enhanced Petri Nets. Also in 1989, he and his partner developed Graham Business Process Charting, another highly graphical MS DOS application, for the Ben Graham Corporation. In 1996, he rewrote the Graham software as an MS Windows application. He continues to maintain and enhance this application for the Ben Graham Corporation. (Go to www.worksimp.com for information on this software and Graham Business Business Charting methodology.  or http://www.worksimp.com/wconner.htm for the page about the developer.)

Mr. Conner first developed EASE PMS in 2004 - 2005 and retains complete ownership and all rights to it. 

Copyright 2015 William R. Conner