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Set Current Display Preferences (F4) - sets the parameters for the current display.

 This is the dialog used for the Detail Gantt Display.  The corresponding dialogs for the other Gantt displays are similar. 

Calendar choices (Length, Start, or Scroll Range) made for the Detail, WBS Summary or Variable WBS Summary display are applied to all three.

Tasks per screen sets the resolution.  

 Graphics/Annotations determine what annotations are displayed.

When the Task Data Dialog is selected, the Detail Gantt is displayed with All Tasks sorted in WBS order and with Summary Activity Gantt lines.  Those choices are saved to the Detail  Gantt Display Preference dialog.

OK applies the changes made and closes the dialog. Cancel closes the dialog without action..







The Preferences for the Network Diagram are much more limited.  Columns per screen sets the resolution.

Detail Gantt - This is an example with all annotations except baseline selected. 

The blue tasks are detail tasks. The pink tasks are Summary Level WBS. 

The blue vertical lines between tasks show task interfaces.   All shown here are end to start.  Note that the third to fourth task interface (A1D to A1E) interface is not driving.  The second to fourth interface (A1C to A1E) is the driver.

The green horizontal lines on the tasks indicate task progress.  On the Summary tasks progress is presented with 2 lines indicating best and worst progress. 

The red brackets ] mark the critical date for each task. 

The downward pointing red triangle above the critical date mark on task A5D indicates an assigned critical date for that task.  It is the only one in this chart and all critical dates are computed from it. If more than one critical date is assigned, the earliest critical dates are computed for other tasks.

The red vertical line in mid January is the status line - the as of date of the chart.

The start- end dates show on the left unless they would interfere with the task.  In that case they are placed on the right.   



WBS Summary Level Gantt - This is a Level 2 WBS Level Summary Gantt.  Note that A3 A8 and A9 are detail tasks.  So they show in blue.


Variable WBS Summary Gantt - This chart has a default level of 3.  So no WBS Levels below 3 will show. 

The WBSs with a preceding - are summary tasks which are not compressed.  So the tasks at the lower levels show.  See A, A2, and A4.

The WBSs with a preceding + are summary tasks which are compressed.  So, the tasks below them are summarized into the single line.  See A1, A5, and A7.

The WBSs without a preceding + or - are detail tasks.

Clicking on a - will cause that task to compress to one line preceded by a +.  Clicking on a + will do the reverse.  The chart will print as shown.


Graphical Edit Gantt - Note that all tasks are shown at the detail level.  That is the only choice for this display because all tasks must be available for edit.  See Schedule Edit| Graphical Editing on A Gantt Chart for a discussion of the annotations and operation.


Network Diagram - Of course, only detail level tasks show. Each task box contains the WBS, computed start date on top, end date on bottom followed by days of slack.  Lines between tasks indicate the interfaces.  The diagram is sorted horizontally by date and vertically by slack - making for an orderly chart.


Task Notes and Linked File Display -

This display supplements the activity data shown on the current main display. The WBS to be displayed is chosen by clicking on it.  It is a static display except that clicking on the Open button on the lower right will open the linked file (which may be a web page or other designated file (pdf, doc, etc.)

(Available only with the 1000 task license or while in Explorer mode with the other licenses.)







Refresh Screen (F7) - Refreshes the Screen