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Schedule Reports- This dialog sets the parameters for the report - which tasks and how much detail.

Detail tabular information about each task.


Project Data Overview Report - No choices on this report.  Beyond the totals it is instructive to know what tasks have no Predecessors (normally tasks with an anchoring date), no successors (don't contribute to to the end of the project except for the ending task - AA in this case), positive slack (not critical yet), zero slack (critical now), indefinite slack (don't tie into a critical date - maybe don't have a successor), Assigned Critical Dates (designated critical tasks).

Export to Excel (.csv) File

Data from all Activities are are reported in a .csv (comma separated variable) format which can be uploaded into Excel and other spreadsheets.  The data includes: WBS,  Description, Organization, Person, Start Date, End Date, Span, Critical Date, Activity Type (Summary, Task, Rubber Task, Milestone).