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Pay by Check or Money Order


The amount will be  $25 for 100 Task, $50 - 500 Task, $100 - 1000 Task, $150 - 2000 Task, or $200 - 2000 Task w/Resources)

Mail with Check or Money Order to:

EASE c/o W. Conner, 3193 Kingfisher Place, Beavercreek, OH 45431

Include the following licensee information to be encoded in your Key File.  It will appear in EASE PMS Splash Screen.

Name (40 char Max) , Organization Name (40 char Max), Location (40 char Max).

Provide an email address to send the Key File.

Please include a contact phone # in case of email failure.

If the key file must be mailed on a CD, add $5 to the price and provide a mailing address.

Upon receipt of Sales Order and payment, the applicable Key File
(encoded with your information) will be emailed to you.

Place the Key File in the disk folder with your
EASE PMS Demo system and all appropriate capabilities will be opened.

The information you provide will be used for no purpose other
than to complete this sales transaction and notify you of updates if
you so choose below.

Do you wish to be emailed regarding system updates? (Yes/No):