Schedule Reports

Tabular schedule reports are available via Menu|Reports|Schedule Reports. A dialog provides choices for the report content. The user can choose to display All tasks, a WBS range, or the set of tasks shown on the current Gantt or Network Display. The report can Schedule Information for tasks alone or add predecessors and successors for the task .

Project Data Overview Reports

This report details statistics for the project:Total activities (Tasks, Summary level activities, milestones, and rubber tasks), Number of Interfaces, Number of labor or material requirements, Number of labor availability records, tasks with no predecessors, tasks with no successors, tasks with positive slack, tasks with negative slack, tasks with zero slack, tasks with indefinite slack and
tasks with assigned critical end dates.  Now is the time.

Earned Value Reports 


Labor Availability and Use Diagram

Graphically displays the availability and projected use of a selected labor resource as a histogram.  Contributions from tasks are color coded.

Material Availability and Use  Reports

Shows material availability and material use records.