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Labor and Material Resources

Both labor and material resources can be added to tasks.  All of the input dialogs used to assign resources are accessed via Menu|Edit Resources.

Labor resources are first defined as elements of a Labor Breakdown Structure (LBS).  Each LBS element has a description and hourly cost.  Labor availability can be assigned to each LBS element (Hours per day, time period.  Labor assignments are made for tasks as the LBS and number of hours to be used evenly across the task. Labor use is reported by LBS, Task and date. 

Materials are defined as elements of a Material Breakdown Structure (MBS).  Each MBS element has a description, unit of measure and cost per unit and an order lead time.  Material assignments are made to tasks by number of units.  Material use is reported by Task, MBS, number of units, and date.

A Cost Work Breakdown Structure (CWBS) can be established with each element having a CWBS code and description.  Tasks are assigned to CWBS elements.

Earned Value reports can be generated.  These can include Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled (BCWS), Budgeted Cost for Work Performed (BCWP), and Actual Cost for Work Performed (ACWP) for labor material or both.  They can be at any detail or summary level based on either the CWBS or SWBS

Labor Availability and Usage Histograms can be displayed for each labor element.  A listing of the LBS elements is provided.  This listing can be sorted by any of 5 different criteria (LBS and 4 measures of criticality).  Any of the LBSs can be selected for histogram display.  The histogram shows labor use (color coded by task) against labor availability.

Material Requirements and Usage Report displays material transactions for the project.  It lists requirement of use, Material Breakdown Structure code, material description, the Schedule Work Breakdown Structure (SWBS), CWBS, quantity, unit of measure, price per unit, total cost, the order date and the use date.  The records can be selected by task date, material order date period, MBS code, SWBS or CWBS.  Records are ordered by date, MBS, SWBS, or by CWBS.