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11/10/15 Multiple refinements in Edit Schedule dialogs

10/15/15  Within major version upgrades now require a minor payment.

01/15/15 Added task notes and links to web page or other file for each task.  Added a supplemental info display including notes and linked file.  Dialog fonts were changed to Tahoma 10 pt.  

07/22/14 Improvements include:  (1) Data entry advisories specific to the current activity type or that of a new activity being added. (2) Progress for a task (detail or rubber) can be entered either as percent complete or days of progress.  (3) Corrected a problem with non-display of rubber task progress.

01/31/14 Version 2.01 Entry checks on schedule edit functions.  Added purchase advisory message.

12/19/13 Corrected an inconvenience associated with cloning tasks from another project when the action would result in exceeding the maximum number of tasks.

11/28/13  New Release Products were defined and developed.  The system was thoroughly tested and problems were found and fixed.  Reports were improved. Problem with cloning from another project was fixed

8/13/13  Extensive test and refinement of data input. Warns user of unsaved task data changesRestricts use of data entry dialog to full list detailed Gantt chart and automatically moves to it; Corrects problem entering interfaces for rubber tasks; Corrects date placement problems on Gantt chart; Allows moving a task to top of list; Helpful hints on data entry dialog; Corrected problems with sorting tasks on Gantt Chart;  and Corrected cases where current edited task was not highlighted in red on the chart

8/20/12 There was an error in a support file which caused the demo software to time out immediately.  That has been corrected.  

 4/19/12 Based feedback from users, software updates have been released recently or will be soon. 

Completed Updates:

  1. Corrected a problem with deleting interfaces that happened to have long titles.
  2. Added a capability to print part of the current display.  The current display can be selected on a wide range of criteria (Menu Item Displays|Current Display Preferences(F4)) and printed.  This new capability adds another convenience.
  3. Using the Find Task button when on the last task of the project can hang up the software. Corrected in current downloadable software. 

Updates Coming Soon:

  1. A user reported problems with losing task updates.  The apparent problem was that he was not saving his changes.  The software will be changed to warn the user that changes that have been entered have not been saved.  Automatic saves could be implemented but would likely cause more problems to the user than it prevents.
  2. A user has requested that the Gantt Chart show task length.  That is under consideration.