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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Vape in Top Condition

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Electric cigarette’s enthusiasts are increasing every day. Smokers who want to enjoy the puffing sensation of the traditional cigarettes can still get what they want. Except, electric cigarettes, or now known as vapes, have been proven scientifically to be way healthier than the rolled ones.

Besides the less-harmful consequences, vapes also offer varieties of smoke flavors. You can get nicotine juice and combine it with banana essence to enjoy a fruit flavored smoke. And vapes even allow you to customize and personalize the juice mix even more. The popular ones these days are blueberry cheesecake, fruit cereal, vanilla custard, mixed fruit, banana pudding, and strawberry banana.

However, unlike the tobacco-filled cigarettes, the enjoyment of using a vape strongly relies on the device’s condition. Let’s learn how to maintain it!

Cleaning the Tank

Vapes’ tank is the smoke factory of a vape. It is where the e-liquid, wick, atomizer, and wire coil are in. The tank is also called as a clearomizer, and it is mostly made of either glass or metal. For the durability, metal is the most superior material, but it can be expensive. A glass tank, on the other hand, is cheaper, and it allows you to observe the e-juice easily so that you can refill it when needed.

To clean the tank, you can start from the outer part. Intense usage may leave ugly fingerprint marks. And if the clearomizer is made of metal, the moisture of our hands can cause the tank to rust. Wipe the clearomizer with a microfiber cloth because you do not want to leave scratches on your vape.

Disassemble the inner parts. Usually, only the coil that needs the most frequent replacement. Make sure you replace this part with only the best of its kind, like Aspire Cleito Replacement Coil (5 Pack). The branded coils are always your best investment because they last longer and they are not detrimental to the vaping device.

Maintaining a Drip Tip

a drip tipAdvanced vapers mostly prefer to use a drip tip instead of clearomizer. A drip tip eliminates the need to store the e-juice before evaporating it in the atomizer. You fill your juice only when you want to smoke.

Vape enthusiasts claim that using a drip trip enhances the flavor and the intensity of the vape’s plume. Therefore, the device is popular among cloud chasers too.

First, you can clean the drip trip by putting it into hot water. It can kill the germs and wash away any saliva residue. Second, if the drip tip feels too hot for your lips when you are using it, that is a sign for you to replace the part with a newer one.

Battery Maintenance

Vapes run on battery. And unlike cellphone’s battery that is durable and well-protected, sometimes the one in a vape has design flaws that can endanger the user. You also may not notice anything wrong immediately.

What you have to do is to check your vape’s battery regularly. As soon as there are dents, cracks, or holes, you must stop using your vape. Remember those exploded vapes? Their batteries were the ones to blame!

Also, you must not place your vape together with any metallic objects. It can cause a short circuit and explode. Also, the objects might put pressure against your vape and damage it.…