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Mistakes That Might Damage Your CPU

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As we grow older, we realize that it’s important to have a computer, as nowadays we do everything online, starting from chatting, buying things and even reading the news unlike in the old days. So, it’s normal for people to have at least a computer or a laptop, but some might not realize that they’re not taking good care of their gadgets. In this article, we’re going to show you some simple mistakes that might damage your computer, be it hardware or software if you’re curious on what those mistakes, make sure you read this article to know more, that way you can take good care of your computer.

Not Cleaning The Insides of Your CPU

ComputerWe often forget to clean the insides of our CPU, and sometimes when this happens, we forgot that dirt and all kind of stuff might pile up inside your CPU. At first, it seems okay until all of the dirt might stuff your CPU, which means your fan might get clogged up. When your fan gets clogged up, it might lead to many problems such as heating issues which might burn your computer when you’re going through many applications. Our tip is to clean at least once every six months.

Cleaning Cache

While browsing and using our computer every day we often forgot to clean our cache, while some doesn’t even know that it’s important to clean their cache. Cache is usually got from opening the same website or programs, which they are a hidden data that might burden your computer. There’s a lot of programs to clean cache inside your computer so make sure to install one and wipe your cache regularly.

Installing Many Programs

If you’re the kind of person to install many programs, you might want to stop doing that. Having many programs in your computer might be the reason why your computer feels slow or sluggish. Refrain from installing too many programs unless it’s necessary. Another tip is never to download files from sketchy websites, make sure to download everything from the official website.

Not Having an Antivirus

Nowadays people have an antivirus on their computer and if you don’t have one, make sure to install right away. With an antivirus, you can find out whether there’s a virus or a malware inside your computer and there’s also a lot of brands out there so make sure to do your research before you subscribe to their plan.


Reasons to Buy a Laptop

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Nowadays it is normal for us to see kids holding a smartphone while being outside with their friends. With the rise of technology, most people rely on their gadgets for everything, yes, everything. It has never been easier to send a message to old friends, shopping groceries in a single click and reminiscing old movies in a second of search on the internet. To make things even better, it’s possible to work remotely nowadays which is why in this article we’re going to show you some reasons why it’s important to buy a laptop compared to a computer. If you’re curious about the reasons, read more to know what those reasons are.

Portability and Flexibility

LaptopIt has never been so portable and flexible to own a laptop than a computer. Based on our experience, we had a flood from the roof, causing us to lift our heavy computer to another room as soon as possible, which is not easy. With a laptop on your hand, it’s much easier as all you have to do is to lift it up and put it somewhere else without the hassle and all the cords everywhere. If you have to pick, make sure to pick a laptop that can offer you so many flexibilities.

Energy Saver

If you’re worried about bills or nature, don’t worry because laptops use less energy than most computers do, just make sure that you don’t forget to unplug the charger after you charge your laptop.

Complete Package

When you buy a computer, you only got the CPU and nothing else; you still have to buy the mouse, keyboard, monitor, speaker, webcam and many more depending on what you need. If you want a complete package, consider buying a laptop as they come in everything that you need, perhaps the only thing that you need to buy is the mouse and the keyboard in case you don’t want to ruin the keyboard that comes on the laptop.

Better Resale Value

Even though computers are much cheaper than a laptop, you have to know that they have lower resale value than notebooks. For example, let’s say that you have a mac, both the netbook and the desktop version, the netbook version will most likely sell for a higher price when compared to the desktop version. To make things even worse, most people are not interested in buying a pre-used CPU.…